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Were You Diagnosed with Ovarian or Uterine Cancer after using Hair Straightening Products?

Women who used hair straightening products may be at a higher risk for Uterine and Ovarian Cancer.

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Toxic Cancer-causing Chemicals
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Shipman & Wright is currently examining allegations regarding an elevated risk of uterine cancer among women have who utilized hair straightening products from various manufacturers such as L’Oreal, Dark & Lovely, SoftSheen, Carson, and others. The presence of harmful substances in hair straighteners can potentially heighten the risk of uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cancer, particularly among Black or Hispanic women who tend to use these products more frequently.

Chemical hair straighteners have been linked to:

  • Uterine Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine sarcoma
  • Uterine fibroids necessitating surgery

A 2022 National Institutes of Health study has unveiled the association between toxic chemicals present in hair straightening products and an increased susceptibility to uterine cancer. Hair straightening products typically contain hazardous compounds like formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, phthalates, parabens, bisphenol-A, and other toxins that possess potential carcinogenic properties. While previous studies have established a connection between these toxic chemicals and cancers such as breast and endometrial cancer in females, this particular study represents the first confirmation of a link between these chemicals and uterine cancer. The risk appears to be more significant among Black and Hispanic women, who are more inclined to undergo hair straightening treatments compared to individuals from other ethnic backgrounds.

Study Shows Black & Hispanic Women
May Be At A Higher Risk

The “Sister study” published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute analyzed data from over 33,000 women, with some followed for up to 11 years. Findings revealed that the frequent use of hair straightening products could double or triple the risk of uterine cancer. Even a single treatment within the past 12 months was associated with an increased risk. Black women face a higher risk of hair straightener-related uterine cancer compared to other ethnic groups, primarily due to their greater usage of these treatments.

Hair straightening practices often begin in early childhood or adolescence and continue into adulthood. Aside from the chemicals in hair straightening products, other hair treatments involving heated appliances like hair dryers and flat irons can release additional chemicals that are absorbed through the scalp and skin. Prolonged hair exposure and scalp burns or lesions caused by straighteners can further enhance absorption. The detrimental effects of toxic chemicals may also be compounded by the use of other cancer-causing hair and body products.

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If you or a loved one used certain hair straightening products by L’Oreal, Revlon, and others, you may be eligible for compensation.

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Hair Care Brands May Include The Following:

If you used any of the brands below, you may be eligible for significant compensation. Get in touch with Shipman & Wright, LLC for a free, confidential, consultation.

SoftSheen Carson (SSC), L’Oreal

  • Precise No Lye Conditioning Relaxer Supreme
  • Precise No Lye Original Relaxer
  • No Base Relaxer
  • Multi Mineral Reduced Ph Creme Relaxer
  • Optimum Smooth Multi-Mineral Creme Hair Relaxer
  • Multi-Mineral Reduced Ph Crème Relaxer
  • Salon Collection Hair Relaxer Super Strength – Optimum Salon Haircare
  • Salon Collection Relaxer Regular Strength – Optimum Salon Haircare

SSC Dark and Lovely, L’Oreal

  • Moisturizing Relaxer with Shea Butter
  • Triple Nourished Silkening Relaxer
  • Beautiful Beginnings Kids No-Mistake Nourishing No-Lye Crème Relaxer
  • Healthy Gloss Shea Moisture No-Lye Relaxer

Mizani, L’Oreal

  • Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer
  • Butter Blend Sensitive Scalp Rhelaxer


  • No-Lye RelaxeSoft & Beautiful

Silk Elements

  • MegaSilk Shea Butter Relaxer
  • Luxury Moisturizing Shea Butter Relaxer

Just For Me

  • No-Lye Relaxer for girls
  • No-Lye Texture Softener
  • Super Relaxer


  • Conditioning Crème Relaxer

African Pride

  • Olive Miracle Deep Conditioning Relaxer
  • Olive Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer
  • Olive Miracle Anti-breakage No-Lye Relaxer
  • Olive Miracle Dream Kids Relaxer
  • Olive Miracle Touch Up No-Lye Relaxer

Africa’s Best

  • Herbal Intensive Dual Conditioning Relaxer
  • Originals Olive Oil No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer
  • Touch-Up Plus Moisturizing No-Lye New Growth Relaxer

Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Olive Oil

  • No Base Relaxer
  • No-Lye Relaxer
  • New Growth Relaxer
  • Zone Relaxer
  • Girls Hair Relaxer
  • Mild Touch Relaxer
  • Professional Crème Relaxer

Soft & Beautiful

  • No Lye Sensitive Scalp Relaxer
  • No-Lye Regular Texturizer
  • Botanicals Regular Texturizer

Botanicals Regular Texturizer

  • Smooth & Silken Relaxer
  • Silkening Shine No-Lye Relaxer
  • Regular Relaxer
  • Classic Formula Relaxer

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